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How do I place a bid?

Place your bid by entering your maximum bid amount in the " Bid" box on any auction page.
Once you click "Submit Bid," we will ask you to provide your shipping and credit card information. After you have provided us with this information, the system will display a confirmation screen of all your desired bids, allowing you to verify your information before you click on "Confirm Bid". You will need to submit your shipping and credit card information only once per auction and the credit card information provided will only be used for the purpose of bidding on this auction. Upon winning an auction, you will still need to use one of the designated payment options.

Why am I required to submit shipping and credit card information to place a bid?

This information is used for your protection for validation purposes. A validated bidding environment protects your interest and ensures that only qualified buyers are bidding against you. Should you become a winning bidder, this information is needed to ensure timely processing of your transaction and rapid receipt of your merchandise.

How can I automatically increase my bid? What is Proxy Bidding?

You can use Proxy Bidding to automatically bid for you. To use this feature; enter your maximum bid amount. (Highest bid that you are willing to pay) into the bid box on to the auction page. Our system will record your "maximum bid" amount and place a bid at the current LOWEST minimum bid. If another bidder outbids your LOWEST minimum bid, the system will automatically place another bid for you putting you back as the current winning bidder. The proxy bidding system will continue to make LOWEST minimum bids on your behalf until you are the winner of the auction or until another bidder bids higher than your proxy bid. Proxy bids are completely private and are never displayed to other bidders.

What if I lose connectivity while bidding?

The bid only goes through after you have received a confirmation page. If this page does not appear, the bid is not valid and was not accepted. If you do not receive a confirmation page please call Buyer Relations immediately at USA +1 (888)-811-8433.

How do I know if I've been outbid?

You will receive an email notifying you that someone has outbid your highest bid price. If the auction is still open, you will have a chance to place a new bid or proxy bid by going back to the auction page or by logging into My Account.

How can I monitor the status of my bids?

You can monitor the status of your bids on all auctions by clicking on the Active Auctions and Watchlist tab in the My Account section.